Partnership Meeting -19th March 2014

Dementia was identified by the Prime Minister as a challenge area in March 2012. Changes across the landscape of health and care have made it difficult to know how well this work is progressing.  On March 19th 2014 at the Newbury Manor Hotel the Knowledge Team provided an opportunity to explore both new research and practical examples of how the Dementia Challenge is progressing and a chance to consider whether or not the new structures are supporting system change for these patients and their families.

To see the presentations in full please click on the links below:-

Melanie Henwood – The Dementia Challenge Fund key headlines

Sue Butterworth – Growing our Dementia friendly community in Newbury

Jenny Hall – The Care Home In Reach team. The best job in the world

John Pearce and Emma Hawk – Dementia Challenge fund work in Oxfordshire

Claire Burley OxDare – What does the future hold – The contribution of Research to the Dementia Challenge

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