Why are we holding ‘Call to Action’?

‘Call to Action’ is a national framework to support and enable conversations that are already happening locally between commissioners and their communities about local health priorities.

The NHS is facing a significant number of challenges regarding the quality, safety and sustainability of services now, and how it will respond to an ageing population, rising long term conditions and expected flat growth in budgets. Call to Action is intended to engage the public on these challenges and generate ideas for how they can be overcome.

What challenges will the health and care service face in the future?

The NHS saves lives and helps people stay well and live longer:

  • The NHS treats 1,000,000 people every 36 hours
  • Between 1990 and 2010, life expectancy in England increased by 4.2 years
  • 88{79f878acaa41f375dcd804cc8c058b5459a5482f20a3b9f87269b26c8734749b} of patients in the UK described the quality of care they received as excellent or very good.

Demographic pressures:

  • Nearly two thirds of people admitted to hospital are over 65 years old
  • There are more than 2 million unplanned admissions per year for people over 65
  • The greatest growth is expected in the number of people aged 85 or older – the most intensive users of health and social care
  • Those with more than one long-term condition have the greatest needs and absorb more healthcare resources; for example, patients with a single long-term condition cost about £3,000 per year whilst those with three or more conditions cost nearly £8,000 per year
  • These multi-morbid, high-cost patients are projected to grow from 1.9 million in 2008 to 2.9 million in 2018
  • If predictions are correct and 46{79f878acaa41f375dcd804cc8c058b5459a5482f20a3b9f87269b26c8734749b} of men and 40{79f878acaa41f375dcd804cc8c058b5459a5482f20a3b9f87269b26c8734749b} of women are obese by 2035, the result is likely to be 550,000 additional cases of diabetes and 400,000 additional cases of stroke and heart disease.

Future opportunities for the NHS

The future is not just about challenges but also about opportunities:

  • A health service, not just an illness service – we have an opportunity to be more proactive about preventing disease
  • Giving patients greater control over their health
  • Harnessing transformational technologies
  • Exploiting the full potential of transparent data
  • Moving away from a ‘one size fits all’ model of care.

The NHS needs our help. Have your say.

NHS England’s Thames Valley Area Team is working with Thames Valley Health Knowledge Team to establish a Call to Action Community of Interest group. This is an opportunity for NHS staff, business leaders and academics to join with patients and the public in the Call to Action engagement programme and for Thames Valley Area Team to enhance local relationships and harness local expertise.

For more information;

The NHS belongs to the People; A Call for Action :- 130919 The Call to Action

Thames Valley local Call to Action: a presentation from our Area Director, Matthew Tait :-NHS England- A Call to Action

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