Certificate in Obesity Management – University of Reading

The University of Reading, in conjunction with local clinicians, is in its third year of running an inter-professional course to support the challenge of tacking obesity. The course attracts doctors, dietitians, nurses, pharmacists and physical trainers and supports them in understanding all aspects of managing obesity from behavioural change to bariatric surgery.  
The clinical course director, Dr Andrew Brewster, GP Caversham, set up the programme as a result of seeing the consequences of obesity in his patients.  He commented ‘I think we have learned that a course like this can change the attitudes of obesity and its management for primary health care and allied health care professionals… seeing this attitudinal shift in course participants is very rewarding for me personally. It is great to be part of a new and innovative course to achieve this outcome.’ At the University, Dr Angela Alexander, director of the Centre for Inter-Professional Postgraduate Education and Training, recognises the benefits of healthcare professionals learning together in order to work together.
Both the Government Office of the South East and the South Central SHA provided funding to set up the course. An independent evaluation concluded that that the course is effectively tackling the education of health professionals, promoting a deeper understanding of obesity, and behaviour changes that are then embedded in professional practice.
 Further information can be found on www.reading.ac.uk/icmr/certobesity and from cippet@reading.ac.uk
Details of current course
Details of benefits of inter-professional learning on course



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