Partnership for Older People Programme (POPP)

Last updated: 15 October 2012

The journey

The vision of POPP is to build supportive communities to enable older people to remain living in their own homes for as long as they wish by developing responsive, appropriate services and activities at a localised level. 

Dorset POPP is primarily a partnership between Dorset County Council, NHS Dorset, the Third Sector and older people. However the programme has developed a robust working partnership that extends beyond this and includes a range of other service providers; including Dorset Fire and Rescue, Dorset Police, Libraries, Community Matrons, Community Pharmacies and others.  

The programme aims to ensure that less is spent on acute care and more emphasis is given to prevention and services designed to keep older people healthy and independent. By co-designing services with communities of older people, solutions are tailored to local needs and delivered by local people, encouraging people to take more responsibility for their own health and well-being, reducing the requirement for acute services.



All programmes are now monitored against eight desired outcomes and the team has built up a huge body of evidence to illustrate the benefits of POPP. This approach has allowed the programme to demonstrate its impact much more effectively and to garner support for its work; it has received numerous awards for its work.  

On average, POPP provides services, activities or information to 63,000 people annually. It sees its central achievements as the engagement and empowerment of older people and the rebalancing of services from disease to health.


Patient setting

In-patient Out-patient Community based   X
Mental health Chronic illness Cross-systemsa


Clinical area

Staying healthy   X Maternity and newborn Children and young people Acute care
Planned care Mental health Long-term conditions   X End of life


Information, tools and techniques used

No specific change tools were used during the project.  Instead, there was a pragmatic approach to delivery within the confines of the vision.



The programme extended across Dorset.



The main implementation phase of the programme was from 2006-2008.  From 2008 to date it has continued to provide and develop its services.


Contact details and further information

Sue Warr, Strategic Commissioning Manager and Programme Manager for, Dorset POPP email:-

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