Consultation on Innovation

Sir Ian Carruthers is currently leading a consultation into innovation in the NHS and will report his findings in November. Having now been in operation for over a year, we are replying with the benefit of inputs from patients and our many partners – Trusts, universities, local authorities, charities and the private sector.  We are also signatories to the national response on behalf of all HIECs, which we helped to prepare.  Our own response concentrates on what we believe we know in Thames Valley specifically,because of the local conditions for innovation in our region.

The invitation to respond to the consultation refers to the interaction of three forces

  • bottom up cultures (patient pressure and professional enthusiasm)
  • horizontal pressures and support (peer influence and cooperation, competition and support)
  • top down pressures and support (incentives, regulation, targets and training).

 Thames Valley HIEC contributes at all three levels, but it is in the middle set of horizontal activities that our most distinct contribution lies.

Thames Valley HIEC response

National HIEC response

HIEC Response to the Health Committee



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