Dr. John Turnbull

John is the Director of Quality, Information and Nursing with Ridgeway Partnership, a specialist learning disability NHS Trust based in Oxfordshire, John is also a Visiting Professor in Learning Disability Nursing at the University of Northampton. John has been in his role in the Trust for 18 years though during t his time he was seconded to the Department of Health as the Nursing Officer for learning Disability. In his previous roles he has been a research nurse with the University of At. Andrews and was the founding editor of the Learning Disability Practice Journal, where he was nominated for best professional journal as part of the annual Society of Magazine Editors’ awards in 2003. John has written extensively on the subject of learning disability nursing and particularly their role in supporting people with challenging behaviour. His Doctoral thesis was on the subject of this small but unique branch of nursing. He has also undertaken research in this area but more recently was involved in a project aimed at increasing research capacity amongst people with learning disability themselves.

John has been a keen sportsman though this nowadays tends to be confined to being a spectator. He is a season ticket holder with the Northampton Saints Rugby Club and runs several charity events each year.

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