Community response and reablement service (Bracknell Forest)

Last updated: 15 October 2012 

The journey

This programme, undertaken by Bracknell and Ascot CCG commissioners jointly with Bracknell Forest Council, pursued an alternative to hospital-based intermediate care.  It worked across health and social care in areas where the lead commissioner for the service is the local authority via a Section 75 agreement.  

The core purpose of the programme was to set up a joint service for the provision of bed based reablement. Some beds in a community hospital were decommissioned and a formal application was made by the clinical commissioning group (CCG) to invest in more local bedded reablement in a social care setting.  The change happened concurrently with a continued shift in patient flow.  Previously almost all acute non-elective admissions to hospital were to one district general hospital (DGH).  Now admissions are split between 3 neighbouring acute hospital trusts.



A number of outcomes have been recorded in relation to the performance of the health and social care system.  These include minimal delayed transfers of care and an encouraging rise in admissions directly from home via GP referral.  People using the service report high satisfaction with the service.


Patient setting

In-patient Out-patient Community based
Mental health Chronic illness Cross-systems   X


Clinical area

Staying healthy Maternity and newborn Children and young people Acute care   X
Planned care Mental health Long-term conditions   X End of life  X


Information, tools and techniques used

No specific change management methodology was used.  Instead the programme took a pragmatic approach to engaging with stakeholders with a common purpose.



The programme involved local community health services provided by Berkshire Healthcare NHS FT, the CCG for Bracknell Forest and Ascot; Bracknell Forest local authority and three acute hospitals.



The programme started in July 2012 and is still ongoing.


Contact details and further information

Mira Haynes, Chief Officer: Older People and Long Term Conditions, Bracknell Forest Council

Mary Purnell, Assistant Director of Commissioning, NHS Berkshire East

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