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January 2014 Week of Action focusing on ‘Action area 2 of Compassion in Practice: working with people to provide a positive experience of care starts on Monday 20th January. As part of this week of action, you and your teams are invited to join and participate in a series of webinars.  The webinars are a great opportunity to engage with experts and clinical teams sharing their experiences of improvement and delivering excellent care through the 6Cs.  Join us in taking action, to share, learn and connect with colleagues from across the country.

Please register for these events using the weblinks below and joining instructions will be sent to you the day before the event.

Co-designing improvements with patients

Monday 20th January 2014 3pm – 4pm

Presenter: Jocelyn Cornwell, director, The Point of Care Foundation

Workshop/Webinar description:

Participants will be introduced to experience-based co-design (EBCD) as a method of improving the quality of service in collaboration with patients.


Macmillan Values Based Standards

Tuesday 21st January 2014 3pm – 4pm

Presenter: Janice Sigsworth, Director of Nursing and Scott Fitzgerald, Programme Manager Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Workshop/Webinar description:

Imperial College Healthcare Trust has been a pilot site for the Value Based Standards which in 2009 Macmillan Cancer Support commissioned work to research and develop a standard for cancer care services, expressing human rights principles as specific behaviours. The standard has been developed through an 18 month engagement process with over 300 healthcare staff and people living with and affected by cancer across the country. In Improving Outcomes: A Strategy for Cancer Care the government has confirmed its support for the Macmillan Standard, recognizing that the application focuses on ‘what matters’ to patients. At Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust the values have been used as a framework to develop and implement improvements for patient experience by local leaders within the Trust. ICHT implementation of the Macmillan values based standard has founded on a co-design principle where patients and staff work together to design the interventions that improve experience for staff and patients in clinical areas.


The Musgrove Way, it’s not what we do, it’s how we do it.

Tuesday 21st January 2014 2pm – 3pm

Presenter: Martine Price, Associate Director – Patient Experience and  Heather Taylor, Director for Change (Musgrove Park Hospital)

Workshop/Webinar description:

This webinar will share our journey of patient and family focussed improvement at Musgrove Park Hospital. It is our staff that make the difference and the webinar will take you through how we have brought our values to life and achieved improved outcomes for patients , increased staff engagement and experience. We will share our learning and some of the approaches we use such as “Big Conversations”, “Pulse Checks” and “Values based recruitment”


Frailty guidance/commissioning tool webinar

Friday 24th January 2014 10am – 11am

 Presenter:  Carol Williams, Director of Nursing , NHS England, Devon, Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Area Team and Helen Lyndon, Frailty Clinical Lead

Workshop/Webinar description:

Presentation on a Commissioning tool and guidance which describes how by the implementation of an integrated pathway of care for frail older people, commissioners can increase levels of harm free care. This is  based on available evidence to demonstrate how the pathway can improve quality of care but also be cost effective and will cover:

• improving the patient experience

• improving clinical outcomes

• reducing harm

• improving value for money

The tool will includes suggested contractual levers and incentives that commissioners can use in their negotiations with providers to ensure an integrated approach  and cross-organisational implementation of the pathway.


Commissioning to improve patient experience

Friday 24th January 2014 3pm – 4pm

Presenter: Angela Dempsey, Enfield CCG Registered Governing Body Nurse.

Workshop/Webinar description:

This webinar will discuss the importance of using patient experience data to aide the commissioning of services and to improve quality.


A couple of extra minutes could make the difference between a good patient experience and a bad patient experience; how to support deafblind patients.

Thursday 23rd January 2014, 11am -12pm

Presenter: Nicola Venus-Balgobin, Project Manager; Older People with dual sensory loss awareness raising project, Sense

Workshop/Webinar description:

Going in to a healthcare environment, can be frightening for us all; am I ill, is it serious, what will happen, will the doctor be nice?  Now imagine you can’t see the signs to find your way to the department, you can’t hear your name be called, your too frightened to ask someone for help in case you can’t understand them and when you finally get in to the appointment you can’t hear what is being said and go away none the wiser.  This is sadly what being a patient who is deafblind is like.

This webinar will look firstly at the ways in which you can work to identify individuals in your care who are deafblind, and act upon this to ensure health care is delivered in a way that is caring, compassionate and meaningful.  Secondly, we will look at real life patient experience stories from deafblind people and their families.  This will feed into a discussion on the tools and resources that are available to support you when you are working with people who are deafblind and their families, as well as some top tips for communication, access and mobility.  Time will also be given to how on a departmental or area level cultures and practices can be changed and adopted to make things better not only for deafblind patients but for all patients in your care.  Plenty of time will also be given for questions and discussion.

Please complete the following registration form to register for any of the above Week of Action webinars.


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