Learning from: East Midlands

Summary of the main findings

1. EM HIEC facilitated and maintained effective partnerships, some of these were achieved through non-traditional processes and channels.

2. The model of small core team has been successful, with their particular role in promoting inter-connection and facilitation.

3. Many of the funded projects largely met their original aims and demonstrated some evidence of benefits to a range of stakeholders for relatively low cost.

4. Quantitative measures demonstrating the value of the educational interventions were demonstrated in some projects, although a small number of the project reports failed to report any useful findings.

5. The use of formal, quantitative measures of cost effectiveness and return on investment for the projects and the overall programme was limited given the small size, short timescales and the lack of specialist health economic input. However, most respondents deemed the projects and the programme to be good value for the money.

6. Some of the supported projects demonstrated successful diffusion of innovative practice beyond the host team/organisation.

7. EM HIEC’s profile is generally very positive among the stakeholders who were directly involved with the projects but the reach of the EM HIEC beyond the focus of the funded projects appears limited.

EM HIEC Evaluation Final Report 29-Jan-2013

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