Learning from: Yorkshire and the Humber

Being able to engage with and involve partners at all levels has been critical for the successes and achievements of the YH HIEC, specifically regarding the adoption and spread of innovation and education. This has happened at a programme level, particularly regarding securing organisational buy-in for strategic alignment. At a theme level this has meant creating links and relationships with specific services, teams and units, various Trusts and private and 3rd sector organisations for particular projects. The identity of YH HIEC and how the potential value of being involved with the programme was perceived were key factors determining engagement and involvement of individuals. Additionally, the YH HIEC programme relied on developing innovative ways of working across organisations at all levels.

A specific tension was realised between developing unique, location specific products and processes or ‘off-the-shelf’ outputs. This had implications for spread, which were related to ownership and intellectual property issues, and exacerbated by a sense of increasing competition between organisations. Despite this, ways of working that relied on trust and sharing of resources were established in certain areas of the programme. There were other varied examples of new ways of working and development of culture change in various organisations, particularly involving innovation for inter-organisational working.

YH HIEC Final Evaluation Report_Exec summary 10062013

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