CRG Patient Representative – Gordon Sturmey

In July 2013 we welcomed Gordon Sturmey as the Pathology Clinical Reference Group’s patient representative.

 Gordon was admitted to Royal Berskshire Hospital on the 18th January 2006 with acute paralysis which was later diagnosed as Gullian-Barre Syndrome. This resulted in a stay of almost 4 months at the Royal Berks, a month of which was spent within the intensive care unit. Since being discharged, Gordon has been asked to represent the Royal Berks as a Patient Representative, regularly gives induction courses to ICU nurses on his experiences within ICU, been involved within Clinical Governance, the Donations Commitee and acts as a local contact for the Gullian-Barre syndrome support group.                                                   
As our new patient representative we have explored Gordon’s condition of Gullian-Barre Sydrome and have documented Gordon’s experience by firstly interviewing Gordon on his experience by means of video & then using his case notes to explore what  pathology tests he would have had during his 4 month stay at the Royal Berks Hospital.

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