C. Benefits

Benefits model bitmap

 Increased Agility

  • Lean & streamlined approach – patients are referred to a one-stop clinic for assessment by their GP
  • Fast diagnosis & turn around of results using Point of Care Testing within initial triage
  • Access to medical history together with POCT results will enable clinicians to make the right decision, quickly, about the next best step for the patient

Improved Service

  • Quality assurance & governance about how POCT is delivered
  • Care within the community and better continuity of care
  • Reducing the need for patients to make follow up appointments with their GP
  • Linking up with other services such as patient transport, specialist nursing, community hospitals  & social servicing enabling the patient a far better probability of being treated at home
  • One-stop service, reducing the chance of the patient being rebounded between services

Reduced Costs

  • Reduced admissions into the acute setting
  • Reduced workload for GP Practices
  • Shared procurement across primary & secondary care of POCT devices & consumables
  • Reduced IM&T costs
  • The potential to reduce either the number or skills needed for nurses within GP practices.
  • Reduced logistics costs – e.g. by installing a centrifuge at the centre, one collection could be realised within the collection of blood samples instead of 1 to 2 a day at each GP practice
  • Could facilitate vaccinations within the community for multiple GP practices such as flu jabs, MMR, chickenpox etc..













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