B. POCT within Primary Care

  • GP Surgeries have had to adapt to the increased demand put upon them, with an ever increasing amount of elderly patients making appointments for health issues associated with old age. Many have been diagnosed with Long Term Conditions (LTCs). These LTCs can be combined with other underlying health problems.

Below is a new business model which would fit neatly into the business model described within POCT within Secondary Care.

Proposed Business Model within Primary Care – Click on image to expand

Primary Care model this one bitmap


  • A. POCT Board governing how POCT is delivered with primary and secondary care
  • B. CCG Pathology Lead – Strong relationship with POCT Board. Responsible for quality and governance within the primary care setting and for the Service Level Agreement.
  • C. Community Hospital(s) – All POCT devices & training to come under Trust control.
  • D. GP Surgeries to refer patients to shared CCG community POCT centre.
  • E. Community nursing either to be retained delivering current service or replaced by nurses who can deliver the standard of care within hospital wards, with particular skills in the use of POCT devices
  • F. Specialist nursing delivering the standard of care expected within a hospital ward together with skills in using POCT devices
  • G. CCG POCT Community Centre to deliver service currently undertaken by individual GP Surgeries. Nurses specially trained in device usage & interpreting results
  • H. Strong links with social services to enable patients to be treated at home
  • I. SLA x2 – Two Service Level Agreements in place 1. To establish the service secondary care gives to the primary care setting 2. How the service is delivered within the primary care business model.




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