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Welcome to NHS South of England’s online catalogue of successful change programmes. In it you will find short summaries of existing and recent change programmes across the NHS South of England region, with directions on where to go for more information.  We hope you will use it to get in touch with other people leading change to share inspiration, experience and expertise.

The summaries describe changes which are large-scale; apply across professional or organisational boundaries; and relate not only to systems and processes but also to culture and behaviour.  They are all examples of change programmes that were successful, achieving what they set out to do – and more.

Most of these summaries formed part of a review, by Roffey Park Institute, of successful NHS change programmes across the region, commissioned in March 2012 by NHS South of England.  Its purpose was to understand what makes change work; how leaders go about introducing change effectively; and what we can learn from successful programmes to help the NHS rise to the challenges of the unprecedented changes taking place across the service.

This review was part of a larger piece of work led by NHS South of England that aims to support the ongoing improvement of the healthcare system.  The review report, containing 15 in-depth case studies, can be found at

In order to select 15 case studies we looked at many more examples of successful change programmes.  These 15 case studies together with a selection from our initial interviews have been used to build a summary of 35 change programmes in this catalogue.  Our intention is to expand the web base to include more examples so that these can be used as a source of reference and information to inspire further service improvement. If you have any examples of successful change programmes you wish to share with us please complete the attached template:   Improvement Science template for case studies and e-mail to

We hope you are inspired to join this community of interest on change in the NHS, and use it to deliver real and lasting benefit to patients.

HIEC Project Reports / Evaluations

Thames Valley Project Reports The Thames Valley Knowledge Team has produced or commissioned a number of  independent project reports / evaluations. Topics are very varied and include amongst others: Dementia Awareness Supporting people with COPD Shared decision making Improve Science These can be found HERE

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Local practice Case Studies

The NHS South West Quality and Patient Safety Improvement Programme Project overview: The project is a regional collaboration of South West hospital NHS trusts to improve patient outcomes by using a best practice model for improvement to implement a series of care bundles. The project focused on five workstreams: • Critical Care • General Ward […]

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Reablement – Contract Monitoring QIPP

The Journey – The Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group (SCCG) led the review and redesign of reablement services over the last two years to help improve outcomes for patients.  We worked with local authority colleagues to lead a joint programme to review existing services and implement a redesigned service model based on systems thinking methodology.  We […]

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Primary Care Dentistry – Contract Monitoring QIPP

The Journey – NHS Somerset holds contracts with 74 Primary Care Dental Practices, with an annual contract value of £27 million. Through an annual contract review process the Primary Care Team developed key performance indicators that allowed activity to be analysed down to individual performer/patient level.  Comparisons were made by Clinician and Practice across the […]

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Improvement Science

Good ideas are the lifeblood of the NHS – the HIEC’s job is to help them to circulate This section of the website offers new ideas, recent successes and evaluation of innovative approaches to help our partners to develop their own services and organisations. It is an opportunity for everybody to share best practice, and […]

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