Wessex Deanery Appraisal and Revalidation Service

The journey –

The Wessex Deanery appraisal and revalidation service programme’s purpose was to set up and run a comprehensive medical appraisal service; appraisals were previously carried out by the PCT.  The aim was to deliver consistent and effective medical appraisals and support to doctors and, by doing this, to drive quality improvements in patient care.  Doctors were given an annual opportunity to have protected time with an expert colleague to review and reflect on their performance and practice.

The deanery’s appraisal and revalidation service has aimed to create a culture change in the perception of appraisal and revalidation based on the belief that doctors will get more out of the process if they put more in and have better trained and supported appraisers.



The deanery now delivers about 2,000 medical appraisals per year through about 200 medical appraisers, delivering consistent and valuable appraisals across different healthcare models. It runs appraiser training and support that was described as “exemplary” by an external quality assurance report.

Also, by collating and sharing the educational needs highlighted by appraisals, the deanery has created a sharper focus for educational provision. It has also trained appraisers in mentoring skills and created a separate cohort of trained mentors for support and remediation work.

The change has also brought closer alignment of medical educators with doctors and has reduced cynicism about the appraisal system and its value.


Patient setting

In-patient   X Out-patient   X Community based   X
Mental health   X Chronic illness   X Cross-systems   X


Clinical area

Staying healthy  X Maternity and newborn  X Children and young people   X Acute care   X
Planned care  X Mental health   X Long-term conditions   X End of life  X


Information, tools and techniques used

No information available.



The geographic area is principally the Wessex Area plus the Channel Islands with national networks across the UK.



Following three years as a pilot the project was mainstreamed into the Wessex Deanery GP school in April 2010.


Contact details and further information

Dr Susi Caesar, Service Lead: susi.caesar@wessexdeanery.nhs.uk

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