Mind & Body

Welcome to the Mind and Body section of the Thames Valley Knowledge Team website.

This section of the site captures local and national work and learning regarding conditions where both the mind and the body are affected and interact. Patients who suffer the impact of sudden illness or who are living with long-term chronic conditions may well feel anxious or depressed.  Treating these latter conditions is as important as looking after the physical disease.

Dementia is a condition that is going to become increasingly prevalent as life expectancy rises. Here too, older people with dementia may commonly also have other long-term conditions such as heart problems or COPD. Treating the whole person, and also supporting the family who may be providing day to day care, is an important priority for both the health and social care sectors.

Thames Valley Knowledge Team were pleased to support a Community of Interest for all those who are concerned with the mind /body interface and treating the whole person, especially when supporting care closer to home. The Community of Interest was an informal group designed to share learning, information and evidence based best practice.  The following pages incorporate knowledge and information relevant to this subject area.


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