Dementia Challenge Projects

The Prime Minister’s challenge on dementia was launched in England by David Cameron in March 2012. Running between 2012 and 2015 its purpose is to increase public awareness about dementia, to secure improvements in the quality of care experienced by people living with dementia and to stimulate research in this field. As a response NHS South of England launched its Dementia Challenge  as a way of targeting funding to projects responsive to the Prime Minister’s challenge.  There are a number of projects running across the Thames Valley, some of which are discussed in more detail according to the region in which they are happening.  In all, seventeen projects were funded in our region

For a summary of the 17 Thames Valley Dementia Challenge Projects please see this document: Dementia challenge TV summary 190514

NB: The document now includes an appendix summarising 7  North Hampshire Projects

Clinical Commissioning Group Application Title
NHS Aylesbury Vale & Chiltern CCG Closer to Home Memory Assessment:  Reaching Out to Rural Communities
NHS Aylesbury Vale & Chiltern CCG Living Well in Care Homes through Better Prescribing
NHS Aylesbury Vale & Chiltern CCG Towards a Memory Friendly Buckinghamshire
Berkshire West Federation Care Home In-reach Team
NHS Berkshire West CCG Dementia: information for patients and carers
NHS Berkshire West CCG Promoting Dementia Friendly Communities in the West of Berkshire
NHS Berkshire West CCG Cognitive Stimulation Therapy: Day Centres  and Extra Care Housing
NHS Berkshire West CCG Training for Domiciliary Providers
NHS Bracknell and Ascot CCG Dementia Awareness in the Community
NHS Oxfordshire CCG Creating Sustainable Workforce (NDS objective 13)
NHS Oxfordshire CCG Collaborative Primary and Secondary care Management of Cognitive Impairment and Dementia
NHS Oxfordshire CCG Enhanced Care Home Outcomes (ECHO) – (NDS objective 11)
NHS Oxfordshire CCG Dementia-Friendly Community – Learning Groups (NDS Objective 1; PM’s Challenge
NHS Windsor Ascot & Maidenhead CCG Enhancing the early diagnosis of demenia
NHS Windsor Ascot & Maidenhead CCG Provision of flexible reminiscence and individualized care therapies
NHS Windsor Ascot & Maidenhead CCG Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes – Antipsychotics in Dementia
NHS Windsor Ascot & Maidenhead CCG Dementia Services Directory
NHS Hampshire CCG Achieving excellence in end of life care for people with dementia in Care homes in North Hants
NHS Hampshire CCG Circles of Support for people with dementia in North Hampshire
NHS Hampshire CCG Dementia: From difficult conversations to better outcome – North Hampshire
NHS Hampshire CCG Developing a more Dementia Friendly Hampshire
NHS Hampshire CCG Diverse communities engaged with dementia in North Hampshire (DCED)
NHS Hampshire CCG Supporting the carers of people with dementia through GP surgeries  in North Hampshire
NHS Hampshire CCG Understanding dementia, training course for carers in North Hampshire

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