Mind and Body Digests

The digest’s intent is to succinctly capture topical news and information relating to dementia , medically unexplained symptoms and  psychologically impacted illness. Our audience is anyone working  in organisations providing services to people with these conditions.

We hope you will find this a useful resource. If you would like to receive this digest on a regular basis and be kept informed of news and events of interest, through our Mind and Body Community of Interest (CoI) which is run by The Thames Valley Knowledge Team,  please contact us at:- knowledgeteam@tvhiec.org.uk

NB: If links do not work when you open one of the documents below please try this:  save the open document to your hard drive and then reopen it with adobe reader – links should then work.

MB digest July 2015

MB digest June 2015

MB digest March 2015

MB digest February 2015

MB digest January 2015

MB digest December 2014

MB digest November 2014

MB digest October 2014

MB Digest September 2014

MB Digest August 2014

MB digest July 2014

MB digest June 2014

MB digest May 2014

MB digest March 2014

MB digest Jan 2014



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