Involving Patients in Service Redesign: testing accelerated experience-based co-design

Project Aim

To enable patient experiences to be embedded more effectively in service transformation using accelerated experienced-based co-design (AEBCD). Patient narratives on two care pathways (intensive care and lung cancer) were used in this project to develop ‘trigger films’ that stimulate service improvement at Royal Brompton and Harefield Foundation Trust, and Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Thames Valley HIEC provided project management support and assisted in the dissemination of the findings.


This project stems from an initiative by King’s College London and The King’s Fund for the development and use of patient experience interviews to stimulate service change using an approach called ‘experience-based co-design’ or EBCD. In EBCD, trained interviewers normally spend several months interviewing local patients and staff to understand their perspectives, and then use edited films of the patient interviews to stimulate joint work between patients and staff to redesign services.

Project Summary

In this project, the University of Oxford’s archive of films produced on intensive care and lung cancer are used to accelerate the EBCD approach (AEBCD) in partnership with patients and staff from Royal Brompton and Harefield Foundation Trust and Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust to plan care improvements.


A summary of the report is attached here:-

The full report was published on the NIHR website in February 2014.  To access this report, please follow this link:


Additional Information

The King’s fund have launched an EBCD toolkit.This toolkit outlines a powerful and proven way of improving patients’ experience of services. As well as  step-by-step guidance, the toolkit includes videos of people who have taken part in EBCD projects. These help bring to life the successes and range of benefits that can result from implementing this type of improvement project. The toolkit also includes, downloadable resources such as template forms, letters, presentations and other materials, to help you plan and carry out this approach.

For more information, visit:-




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