Innovation capacity building

Thames Valley Knowledge team has held a number of seminars over the last three years, with leading academics presenting their ideas on how the NHS can develop a capacity for innovation in its workforce. Reviews of the first of these can be found here:

Review of Innovation Seminar – Working Together More Effectively in the NHS; the challenge of implementing innovation to practice

Review of second innovation seminar – Delivering large scale change

Review of third Innovation Seminar – Developing an organisational culture that supports innovation

Partnership meeting 20th March 2012 review – Facing the Future how to develop innovation and learning in the Thames Valley

A section of the website has now been set up to cover this area of work: Improvement Networks.  This section covers both tools and techniques to support innovation capacity and capability in the NHS and also the contribution of the HIECs nationally.  A page in this section contains the presentations from the later series of Knowledge Team Innovation seminars.  Follow this link; Knowledge Team Innovation Seminars

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