Innovation in Education Scoping Study

Project Aim

To identify innovative approaches to the education and learning of health and care professionals at all levels of the health service and beyond within the Thames Valley, including social care, education, the private and the third sector.

 Project Benefits/Outcomes

Identification of innovative approaches to the education and learning of health and care professionals that merit wider dissemination.


It is believed that innovation in education, which can take many forms, is taking place across many of the universities, colleges and relevant healthcare employers in the Thames Valley.  However, often innovation takes place in isolation, with employers in the area being unaware of innovation that is taking place in similar organisations.  Moreover, imminent structural changes in healthcare provision have led to uncertainty over the development of the workforce in the future.

 Project Summary

The project was undertaken by the Cambridge Consortium on behalf of the Thames Valley HIEC. 

This involved contacting universities, colleges and relevant employers in order to:

  • ask them to identify issues and concerns in the education of health and care professionals that need to be addressed in order to meet the changing needs of the sector, and which, specifically, address the QIPP agenda and care closer to home
  • ask them to identify innovation in education of which they are aware that merits wider dissemination
  • ask them to identify innovations of their own that they would like TVHIEC to promote more widely.

Following the research, the Cambridge Consortium produced a confidential final report that is being used to inform both the debate on the future of workforce development in the Thames Valley and the shaping of the Thames Valley HIEC’s programme of work.

Following the system changes introduced from April 2013, the Knowledge Team is using experitise gained from working in this area to support the new intermediate tier organisations with developing a relatonship between innovation and education, in order to enable the healthcare system in the Thames Valley region to respond to changes in the future.


An executive summary of the confidential final report Scoping_study_Exec_Summary_17_03_11

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