Research Nurses

Project Aim

The successful delivery of research projects, that develop new knowledge and innovative practice in the NHS, is critically dependent on the contribution of the nurses who work on the projects.  At the time of commissioning this project, it was not clear how well these nurses were supported, and whether or not that support could be improved in order to develop the research capability in the Thames Valley region.

Project Benefits/Outcomes

The key project benefits were:

  • Direct research on the present cohort of nurses
  • Desk research around the situation of research development for the nursing profession more generally
  • A report on the finding for consideration by the BRC and other interested parties
  • An action plan for change.

The desired outcomes of the project were:

  • A transferable understanding of this important cohort of innovators which can be applied possibly to other cohorts of nurses, and also to researchers from the AHP and clinical scientist communities.


This project is a collaboration between the Biomedical Research Centre, OUCAGS and the HIEC.  The BRC are the direct employers of the cohort of 46 nurses who will form the initial starting point for the work. The analysis is being carried out by Professor Mary Boulton of Oxford Brookes University.

Project Summary

The findings and report were presented at a seminar held at Oxford Brookes University on 2nd February 2012.

A second piece of work was subsequently commissioned from Professor Boulton which extended the scope of the original piece of work to a wider group of nurses, AHPs and Clinical Scientists, including those employed by the TVCLRN.  This work was presented at a lecture in Oxford Brookes University on 24th February 2015.

A summary of the reports can be found under Project Reports.

For more information, please contact;

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