Remote Vital Signs Monitoring

Project Aim

The aim of the project was to:

  • Support a better integration and use of Remote Vital Signs Monitoring equipment in order to enable more patients in the Buckinghamshire health economy to benefit from self-care and self-monitoring of their symptoms in partnerships with clinical teams supporting care closer to home.
  • Operationalise the use of Remote Vital Signs Monitoring Equipment by the Buckinghamshire Healthcare COPD and CHF teams
  • Commission a formal evaluation of the success of this intervention and draw out wider learning in relation to the adoption of assistive technologies in the local health economy.

Project Benefits/Outcomes

The project improved the health of users and allowed health care practitioners to:

  • Access vital signs readings remotely
  • Reduce time spent travelling to patients.
  • Enable clinicians to focus on delivery of care.

The project will allow patients to:

  • improve self-care through control of their therapy.
  • reduce anxiety through monitoring.


Buckinghamshire County Council(BCC) had previously purchased Remote Vital Signs Monitoring Equipment from Tunstall and Honeywell to support patient with Long-Term Conditions. However while this equipment has been deployed to some effect, the deployment has not taken place in a coherent way. Moreover, little evidence of the effectiveness of this equipment has been gathered. The aim of this project is therefore to identify project groups who will most benefit from the use of Remote Vital Signs Monitoring Equipment and operationalise the use of the equipment.

Project Summary 

Thames Valley HIEC was funded to provide project management support from July 2012 to April 2013. Funding was also provided by Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) to undertake a formal evaluation study into the benefits of the proposed approach and this work is being undertaken by Bucks New University.


The final report for the evaluation of the Remote Vital Signs Monitoring project is not yet available.


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