Improving the quality of statutory and mandatory training

Project Aim

The purpose of this project was to identify the best way forward in developing an on-line assessment process for statutory and mandatory training, in order to enable staff who remain competent to demonstrate their skills and avoid unnecessary retraining.  The project was run by South Central SHA with active support from the Knowledge Team, including process mapping, project management and dissemination activity.


The South Central Statutory and Mandatory Training Framework was launched in June 2010 and was formally adopted by all 24 NHS Trusts in the Region.  This framework enables Trusts to maximise compliance and train to a standardised syllabus thus enhancing the possibility that training achievements and records can be transferred when an individual moves between Trusts.

To support QIPP, it is also desirable that unnecessary training is avoided and classroom based training is reduced as the latter is expensive in terms of trainer time, delegate time, backfill and travel costs.  One way in which unnecessary training could be reduced and classroom based training reduced would be to introduce an e-competence assessment – measuring success in terms of competence rather than simply attendance at training.

Some Trusts already had an e-competence assessment system in place.  If an effective e-competence system is to be developed in order to support the Statutory and Mandatory Training Framework, then the e-competence system will need to incorporate learning from these organisations.

Project Summary

The aim of this project is to provide a single South Central solution to on-line assessment of statutory and mandatory training.  This means that staff members who are still competent and can demonstrate their continued competence by passing a standard on-line test, will not have to repeat their statutory and mandatory training for a period of time (which varies according to the subject area and local Trust policies).  With the support of Thames Valley HIEC, a question bank has been developed and was made available to all Trusts from January 2012. 


The e-Assessments based on the South Central Stat/Mand Framework have been well used since their introduction, but are all being updated to align with the learning outcomes in the UK Core Skills Framework, and re-built in the latest regional eLearning authoring tool – a process expected to be complete by the end of March 2014. This work is being progressed in collaboration with a number of LETBs and as part of the Skills for Health Core Skills Framework assessment strategy. The assessments will be freely available to anyone who would like to adopt/adapt them, in paper and e-formats.

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