Interactive Voice Response

This project was concerned with the evaluation of an Interactive Voice Response system which uses Message Dynamics Long Term Conditions (LTC) Monitor technology known the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Monitor. The Monitor technology was implemented by the COPD team who offer an Early Discharge and Admission Avoidance Service provided by Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust (BHFT).The findings will be used to inform future COPD clinical management. 

The evaluation found that the COPD Monitor system was well received by both patients and healthcare professionals. It contributed to patients’ self-management, therefore improving treatment adherence, resulting in decreased visits to hospital and to the patient’s GP. The system expanded the clinical capacity of staff, by allowing them to focus on the most at-risk COPD patients, helping to improve the quality of life of these patients, as well as preventing the development of complications.

The use of the COPD Monitor delivered estimated savings at £ 47,177 per annum. This figure is based on the analysis of cost data from 30 patients (£1,572 per patient per annum). The marginal costs of the COPD Monitor once the system has been set up are estimated to be £780 per year (£26 per patient per year).

Thames Valley Knowledge Team provided project support and management in the commissioning and project management of the evaluation.

For a summary of the report: HIEC summary COPD eversion

The full report can be found here: 201304 Final COPD evaluation

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