Patient Safety Federation

In 2011, Thames Valley HIEC, with the Royal Berkshire Hospital and the Wessex HIEC, took on the role of co-host to the South Central Patient Safety Federation.  The goal of the PSF is to improve patient safety in all healthcare organisations in the South Central region, and to lead the way (nationally and internationally) in reducing harm to patients.  As co-host, Thames Valley HIEC will ensure that the outcomes of the PSF are widely known, shared and adopted in the Thames Valley region.

Patient Safety Federation Website

Each year, the PSF runs a conference on patient safety for staff from the Thames Valley and Wessex regions.  The event on 25th September 2013 was attended by about 100 staff and identified the following list of needs for the next few years:

  • Run learning summits
  • Support to develop Human Factors and Patient Safety trainers in each organisation
  • Establish peer review programme
  • Support development of Patient Safety leaders
  • Support the introduction of quality improvement science
  • Continuing encouragement
  • Public information programme for raising concerns
  • Promote safe staffing levels for patient care
  • Data to indicate where we are
  • Lead on developing local measures of quality

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