Shared Decision Making

Welcome to the regional Community of Interest for colleagues in the Southern region who are interested in Shared Decision Making

“No decision about me, without me” is the fundamental principle underpinning many of the current changes in NHS healthcare. Health care professionals may fail to recognise how knowledgeable patients are, or to understand the beliefs of individuals and groups. By engaging in balanced discourse, clinicians not only help a person come to terms with their needs and the potential gains and losses from different treatment approaches, but also broaden their own understanding of what is important to people.

The principle of engaged patients being well informed and taking an central role in all decisions made in their care is neither new nor revolutionary, but some patients may be passive receivers of care and many medical professionals, inadvertently or otherwise, are paternalistic in their delivery.  Sharing decision making with the patient, referenced to understandable evidence and timely support when selecting investigation and treatment options, benefits not only individuals but the system as a whole.

This section of the website contains an array of resources, materials and information on events, nationally and in the region, which we hope will be of interest and value to colleagues working on improving Shared Decision Making. 

To join the Community of Interest and receive regular updates from us, please contact;


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