Patient Decision Aids

1. Totally Health Patient Decision Aids

Totally Health was engaged to produce a number of patient decision aids.
For more information visit:-  Totally Health Shared Decision Making

Thirty Six Patient Decision Aids (PDAs) were launched during 2012/2013, designed to help patients understand and consider the pros and cons of possible treatment options and to encourage communication between them and their healthcare professionals. The PDAs feature evidence-based information, images, diagrams and animations.

Mobile Apps are also being developed so the information can be accessible anywhere. To access these:-

These patient decision aids are also available for the iPhone.

Totally Health also produced Shared Decision Making sheets (SDMS) which are resources designed to facilitate a conversation about the reasons for choosing one treatment option over and above another treatment option between people with different types of expertise.

The shared decision making sheets are:

  • Prompts for use in consultations by health professionals with their patients
  • Aide-memoires for patients with instructions for accessing the corresponding web-based patient decision aid

These are:-


2. Brief decision Aids

A number of brief decision aids have been developed and can be found at the website. The site gives the following introduction to the aids:-

Our Brief Decision Aids (BDAs) will help you and your doctor or nurse to understand what your options are for the following conditions. You can see what the benefits and risks of each option are, to help you and your nurse or doctor come to a decision that is right for you.

Direct links to the available BDAs is provided below:-

The following presentation developed by the MAGIC team provides information and guidance on use of BDAs:-


3. Locally developed PDAs

We are aware that there has been some local development of PDAs. We would be pleased to receive and share them for the benefit of others; for information and possible use.

Oxfordshire PCT has developed a small number of PDAs that are provided below. Patients/patient groups were not involved in the development of these.

Patient Decision Aid for people considering treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome:-

Patient Decision Aid for people considering treatment options for heavy menstrual bleeding:-


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