Shared Decision Making Tool

Spreadsheet of available PDAs, BDAs and Option Grids – NHS South of England

We are pleased to provide for colleagues this ‘quick find’ spread-sheet of all decision aids that have been published in the UK either by Totally Health or the Magic Programme. The spreadsheet has been produced by NHS South of England.  The decision aids have been categorised under the key areas of cancer, MSK, surgery and medicine to assist you in quickly establishing if an aid exists for a specific condition and provides a link to the tool.

The decision aids are listed twice- on the initial total list page of the workbook  all the aids are in alphabetical order with links provided to the individual decision aid.  Secondly, the relevant aid can be found under the different categories, again with a link to the tool.

This spread-sheet was produced in 2013 and reflects the full range of decision aids currently available.

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