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The Health Foundation has an established programme of work on shared decision making and have produced both influential documents and a well-recognised training programme- MAGIC (making good decisions in collaboration).

Background documents can be found under our useful documents section and full details on the MAGIC programme in the training section. A MAGIC event was run in South Central for colleagues in CCG/cluster teams in November 2011.

The Health Foundation web site and details about the MAGIC programme can be found here:- MAGIC programme 

and a brief overview of their programme follows:-

Healthcare is changing. More and more people are asking to know more about their healthcare choices. They want information and the chance to have a say about their care. Shared decision making is the involvement of patients as equal partners in their healthcare. Tools to support shared decision making can include self-management support, access to personal health records, personal health budgets, care planning and decision aids.

Shared decision making has great potential to give individuals higher quality healthcare. It takes advantage of clinicians as experts on treatment options, and puts the individual in the driver’s seat to consider what’s important to them: their circumstances, personal values, and attitude to risk. While there is good evidence that it works, it is a big culture shift from the traditional ‘passive patient and expert health professional’ style of care that many people are used to.

We think shared decision making can make an excellent contribution to improving the quality of UK healthcare. People are more motivated to take advice and follow treatment plans when they understand the reasons and thinking behind their care, so treatment is more successful. Plus there are strong economic benefits. Research shows that when given the right support and information, patients usually choose more cost effective options.

So, we’ve done our research and looked at how good practice can be implemented on a wider scale.  Now, with help from shared decision making experts, we are taking steps to see it embraced throughout the NHS.

Our MAGIC programme is working with frontline health professionals and their priority projects across the UK to test how to embed best practice and overcome the barriers to change. We are one year into the programme and so far we’re seeing some interesting and inspiring results. We think we’re on our way to making healthcare more patient-centred and influencing more healthcare professionals to give patients the choice and involvement they are asking for.

The following documents  from The Health Foundation  are available to download:-

Implementing shared decision making in the UK. A report for the Health Foundation.Angela Coulter, PhD.

Implementing Shared decision making: A MAGIC view. Dave Tomson.

Helping people share decision making: A review of evidence considering whether shared decision making is worthwhile. (June 2012).


The Health Foundation have launched a  new Shared Decision Making resource centre.

This resource centre is packed with information and practical resources to support individuals and teams put shared decision making into practice.


The MAGIC programme: evaluation

The Health Foundation’s MAGIC (Making good decisions in collaboration)programme aims to support clinical teams in primary and secondary care to embed shared decision making with patients in their everyday practice. This independent evaluation by the Office for Public Management (OPM) covers the first phase of the programme.
Published: April 2013
MAGIC evaluation.gif

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