National Programme

The Shared Decision Making National Programme

The Shared Decision Making programme was part of the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) Right Care programme which ended on 31st March 2013. From 1st April 2013 it  is now the responsibility of NHS England. NHS England’s objective is still to embed Shared Decision Making in NHS care.

NHS England Business Plan states that ‘We will give citizens the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their own health by developing a coherent, linked package of shared-decision making aids so that people can actively participate with their clinicians in making choices about their care and treatment.’

For details of the NHS England Shared Decision Making programme:-   NHS England SDM programme


Background Information

The Shared Decision Making National programme was a key workstream of the Right Care Programme. The Right Care programme provided a wide range of resources focussed on increasing value for patients and commissioners, and can be found at:- Rightcare

They produced regular newsletters and updates. Here is the last newsletter produced for the programme.

The aim of the Shared Decision Making National Programme was to embed Shared Decision Making in NHS care.  They had a web-site which can still be found at:- Right Care Shared Decision Making 

The programme was divided into three related workstreams each led by a different contractor working with the local NHS.

The key areas of work were:-

  • providing the tools; through the development of patient decision aids- long and short form,        
  • supporting commissioning; through the embedding SDM in routine NHS processes and pathways
  • shifting the culture; through the development of training and educational materials for clinical colleagues and promotional materials  for the public

Further detailed information for each of these areas of work can be found on the following pages.


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