Totally Health

Developing tools which support shared decision making, and the provision of decision coaching.

This is being led by Totally Health .

In this workstream, 36 Patient Decision Aids (PDAs) were created during 2012, designed to help patients understand and consider the pros and cons of possible treatment options and to encourage communication between them and their healthcare professionals. The PDAs feature evidence-based information, images and diagrams. 

The PDAs are available online and in paper format, so patients and their carers, if appropriate, can examine their options in their own time.  A ‘short form’ version is available which can be used in or outside the consultation.  Mobile Apps have been developed so the information can be accessed anywhere.  

Decision coaching is also a key part of this workstream and healthcare advisors, all of whom are fully qualified nurses with at least 10 years’ experience, were trained to offer telephone support, developing patients’ confidence and skills in using the tools to deliberate their options.

A number of clinical colleagues from SoE are contributed to the development of the MSK decision aids.

A number of PDA’s and decision grids are available :-  ‘Decision Aid Tools’

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