E-Learning Resource

Online Shared Decision Making Training – e-learning resource

This e-learning resource provides guidance on what Shared Decision Making (SDM) is and how to implement it in practice. It also provides resources to help health professionals learn the required skills. The e-learning sessions include films to illustrate examples of good and bad consultations and prompts, along with resources to aid health professionals with their work.

Who is this tool for?

The Shared Decision Making e-learning package is suitable for all healthcare professionals, health improvement personnel and patient engagement representatives to inform and educate them on Shared Decision Making in order to embed it in day to day clinical practice. Shared Decision Making represents a cultural change in behaviour and this tool will aid and assist in changing  an environment of medical paternalism to a more inclusive approach based on the 2012 Health Act ‘Liberating the NHS: ‘No decision about me without me’.

To access this on-line resource:-

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