Patient Stories

No decision about me, without me – Jim’s  Story

A powerful and moving video revealing the reasons why we need Shared Decision Making and person-centred care.

This video is produced by Five Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust   

You can find out more information about the background to Jim’s story:- 5 Boroughs Partnership – SDM 


No decision about me, without me – Jean’s Story

We are privileged to be able to share with you Jean’s experience of shared decision making. This personal account provides an insight into the consequences when a patient is not involved in the decisions about her treatment and care.

A short film is also available to view, sharing Jean’s thoughts and feelings about her illness.


Other  Resources – Patient Stories

Patient narratives are a profound way of experiencing services from the perspective of patients.  Sometimes though, clinicians argue that such stories are too subjective and do not reflect the majority of patient experiences.  For this reason, the Knowledge Team has supported the development of a national archive of narratives on patients’ experiences of shared decision making.

Healthtalkonline is the award-winning website of the DIPEx charity.  Over the last ten years, researchers in Oxford have compiled an extensive resource of materials about a number of disease conditions and made these available for patients in an accessible on-line forum. To find out more about what patients have experienced, both good and bad, in terms of shared decision making:-


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