South of England Regional Programme

South of England Activity

A regional programme has now been established which brings together the work being undertaken in the South East, South West and South Central into one,  across the whole area served by NHS South of England.  A meeting with colleagues from across the South of England(SoE) in May identified three priority areas:-

  • to provide additional Train the Trainer events,
  • to set up a comprehensive SDM website for SoE,
  • to find out from colleagues the level of interest and knowledge in SDM and what help and support would be useful- so shaping the future programme.

A briefing note was produced and disseminated widely as an introduction to the survey which followed.

SDM briefing paper 14 June 2012 v2

Further Train the Trainer events were commissioned from the SW team, run by Alf Collins and are taking place this September.

This dedicated SoE SDM web site was launched in mid-September. We hope it will serve as a one stop shop for colleagues, providing a comprehensive range of information, links, tools, advice and news. This will be our main means of communication with colleagues across SoE, and we are keen to add people to our contact list to receive updates and notice of new information on the site. As it is new we are interested to hear your views regarding ease of use and information and tools that could be added for the benefit of others. In addition we would welcome any questions and queries that you have, which we will post on the Q&A Board for others to respond.

The programme- as well as building on the three local areas of work and expanding these across SoE – will complement and draw on the work of the National Programme. For example, one of the national contractors (Capita) is focussing its work with a number of local CCGs, and local colleagues are contributing to the work on development of MSK patient decision aids.

Plans for SoE include increasing the awareness of SDM regionally, making sure that the National Programme is supporting local ambitions and plans, providing colleagues with an early opportunity to test and out and use tools as they are developed, and widening the range of training opportunities on offer to clinicians and commissioners.

To ensure the programme reflects the needs of colleagues, an online survey was sent to all CCGs and to colleagues known to us through previous SDM and related events.  This gave us information on the  understanding,  interest and level of work currently across SoE . This information is key in shaping the future SoE programme on which the team are now working.

On-line Survey– Many thanks to those of you who found the time to complete the survey, your responses are invaluable to us.

Whilst the response rate was not high, for the majority of those that did reply- SDM does feature in CCG plans, many have a SDM lead, and want to be linked with others doing similar work.

The full report can be found here. Shared Decision Making Survey Monkey Analysis Document 120802

Further work is in progress based on your responses. From these we will be:-

  • expanding the provision and type of training and education available for colleagues
  • making contact with those who wished to be linked to like-minded  colleagues who are working on similar aspects of SDM and facilitating the development of local topic related networks.
  • Seeking out colleagues who would wish to test out emerging tools- potentially from all the contractors
  • Seeking from colleagues examples of work/progress to share with others.

All local events and meetings whilst they may be hosted in/by one particular geographical area will be made available to all and where there is interest will be repeated in other areas.


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