Case Studies

Progress news from Southampton CCG:-

Southampton CCG have been working with one of the national contractors to progress the implementation of SDM. They have written an update paper which sets out the challenges they have faced and the changes to their plans as a result. It also highlights to the key risks they are facing to making further significant progress.

Your views and comments on this would be useful. It may be an area with which you have made progress- so can offer assistance. Or are you faced with similar challenges?

This may be something we need to raise formally with the national programme as a common barrier to progress.

Please send any comments to


AQuA – SDM Case Studies

Several of the clinical teams that were involved in the National SDM Collaborative in 2012/13 have contributed to case studies about their experiences:


SDM Programme Herts Valley Case Study

The evaluation of PDA usage in Herts Valley was done to understand how two PDAs may be implemented in general practice as well as the acceptability of the concept of SDM/ PDAs among commissioners, clinicians and patients in a local health economy.

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