Summary of the 26th September Dementia Community of Interest Event

Event Summary

This one-off event took place to test the concept of a Dementia Community of Interest (CoI) with a diverse audience and to identify priorities for the CoI.

25 people attended with representation from health and social care and from clinicians, managers and commissioners.

The three working group sessions stimulated lively debate and  the sharing of progress on the 17 Dementia Challenge Projects provided useful insights in to the very diverse and rich service improvement environment in place across Thames Valley

During the course of the afternoon a clear set of priorities for the Community of Interest supported by the Thames Valley Knowledge Team and the Strategic Clinical Network emerged.

These were:

30 day priorities
  • actions circulated from the event
  • member’s list circulated
  • who’s who in dementia care created  / initiated
 90 Day Priorities
  • provide a means for members to communicate with each other – for example to recommend a particular training event or to raise a question / seek advice
  • have conducted a survey to identify the hot topics
  • identify specialist interest groups that respond to hot topics
  • open up invite to CoI to wider audience
  • Resources captured on website
  • support learning events / opportunities (? Webex)
 6 Months
  • capture summaries of Dementia Challenge and other local projects on site
  • attempt to collect data centrally / stream, line dementia info requests
  • event conducted to share local projects / innovations
  • specialist working groups to have met
  • members being sign-posted to research, sources of information and emerging best practice

These will now be reviewed and an action plan implemented.

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