Towards a memory friendly Buckinghamshire

The aim is to support communities in developing better responses to people with memory issues by building greater understanding of their needs and working across the community to help people with dementia live well as a part of that community.

This project is part of the Buckinghamshire Dementia Strategic Plan, and addresses a priority area: Building a long term strategy for a Memory Friendly Buckinghamshire.


  • Increase awareness and understanding of dementia amongst local business, community organisations and services
  • Establish 5 Memory Friendly Alliances across Buckinghamshire in Year 1
  • Develop a 10 year plan for a Memory Friendly Community Buckinghamshire
  • Make recommendations for an Intergenerational strategy for Buckinghamshire
  • Establish a Service User Empowerment Group to increase influence on county services
  • Implement 2 pilot projects that exemplify the Buckinghamshire vision for a Memory Friendly Community

 Learning from elsewhere

The project will adopt the Local Dementia Action Alliances (LDAA) approach, in particular taking learning from the LDAA pilots led by the Alzheimer’s Society in the South West.

The development of a LDAA(s) in Buckinghamshire will  facilitate the delivery the outcomes of the National Dementia Declaration at a local level.

 Anticipated outcomes

  • People with dementia and their carers will have more opportunities to become involved in community activities and will report measurably reduced feelings of isolation
  • More support for people living with dementia particularly more understanding  and responsiveness to the needs of people with memory problems from shops and other businesses
  • People with memory issues and their carers will report feeling less stressed when undertaking daily activities in the community such as shopping
  • More opportunities for people with dementia to remain living in their own home for longer through greater community support


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